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Instructor Resources - Online Teaching


Attention Online Instructors:Nanny with young girl

This resource page will contain up-to-date information and guidance on teaching Community Education classes online.


General Guidance:
Instructors may select whichever online platform they choose. There are several that are free. As there is no funding for online classes, we recommend instructors select one of the free options mentioned below, unless they wish to fund the cost of a paid platform. 

Community Education Recommendation

Of the platforms listed below, we currently recommend ZOOM MEETINGS, as it has been widely used and is designed as a meeting/collaboration platform.

Zoom Meetings (

Zoom was designed for video conferencing and meetings; and to facilitate collaborative projects. The free version allows up to 100 participants, with the major shortcoming being that each zoom session is limited to 40 minutes, which can be gotten around by scheduling a 5-minute break every forty minutes. You can re-enter the meeting this way as many times as are needed.

  • Video Webinar
  • Group Collaboration
  • Local Recording
  • Zoom Meetings with Breakout Rooms
  • Integrated Scheduling



Other Free Online Teaching Options

Skype is a communication, messaging and video conferencing software that allows you to create groups of up to 50 participants, when using the free version. The below listed features relate to video meetings:

  • Group video calls
  • Send texts (SMS)
  • Voice messages
  • Video messaging
  • Instant messaging/Chat
  • Send files
  • Screen sharing
  • Group screen sharing

Skype Resources:

Facebook is the most widely used social platform. With live streaming video capabilities in conjunction with its ability to create groups, it is a viable platform for online class work. The only downside is that you will need to download software to manage the streaming video, with the most popular one being Open Broadcaster Software (free). Since there are more pieces of software to configure, it may not be the most ideal solution for classroom work, as the other two options.

  • Can create Groups
  • Use comments for interactive chats
  • With OBS you can manage the streaming video and share desktops and apps like the other two platforms.

Facebook Resources:


Community Education Online

As this page develops we will continue to add the online resources we deem essential to effectively deliver an online class. If you feel you need a feature you aren't sure is available, you can either research that on the Internet or email staff at for assistance.



As this page develops, we will continue to add online resources that we find useful for instructors in delivering an online class. If you feel you need a feature you aren't sure is available, you can either research the feature on the Internet or email staff  for assistance at

Other Resources

If you find any information or resources you would like to share with your fellow instructors, email the information to and we will review it for inclusion.