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Phlebotomy FAQ #296




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Financial Aid

Unfortunately, there is no Financial Aid, however, there is a payment plan now available; here is how it works:

  1. Go to, and make the initial payment of minimum $315.00, and make sure you type “Santa Monica” under class location
  2. Email your receipt (screenshot is fine) to and call us at 310-434-3400, option 2 to complete registration
  3. Second payment of $700.00 is due on the first day of class
  4. Third payment of $700.00 is due on the day of 4th class meeting
  5. Final payment of $700.00 is due onthe last day of class
Please note that If a payment is missed, the student will not be allowed in class the following week.

General Program Questions

We do not have an entrance exam or require any prior medical experience to take our course. We only ask that you are above the age of 18 and have either a GED or high school diploma. If you obtained your high school diploma outside the country you will need your foreign transcripts evaluated LFS will accept educational transcript evaluations completed by "Current Members" of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). Please use the link below to view the "Current" and "Endorsed" members of NACES: Translation (if not in English) and evaluation must be a "course-by-course" evaluation.

The State of California will also be performing a background check, so if you have any felonies and/or misdemeanors, you should contact the State of California to see if you will be able to obtain a CPT1 license.


Yes. Upon completion of the course and passing the National Certification exam, you will have 3 certificates:

  1. Certificate of Completion from AUMT Institute
  2. National Certification from the NHA (National HealthCareer Association)
  3. After your Application's approval - your Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1(CPT1) License from the State of California - Department of Public Health.

Upon completion of the Classroom portion of the course – you will be required to only take one Certification exam. It is a National Exam through the NHA. It will be offered on the Santa Monica – Bundy Campus approximately 1 - 2 weeks after the last day of class. In order to sit for the exam you must receive a 75% or higher in the class. To pass the National exam, you must also receive a 75% or higher on the exam. The passing rate of the National exam for our school is 98% of our students are passing on their first attempt.

There is still much more to do after passing the exam before you would be able to get hired. You need to pass the class, pass the national exam, complete the 40-hour externship AND THEN apply for your CPT1 license from the State of California. ONCE YOU GET YOUR CPT1 LICENSE, then you are employable. Without that, you cannot get hired.

With that being said, we do help students in class with resume building, interview questions and point you in the right direction as to where you can or should apply. We cannot guarantee a job – but we do affiliate with many companies that turn to us when they are looking for licensed Phlebotomists.

Class Supplies & Additional Fees

  • Textbook
  • Liability insurance
  • 24 hours of Basic Didactic training (classroom part of the course)
  • 24 hours of Advanced Didactic training (classroom part of the course)
  • Clinical Externship in a Medical Facility
  • NHA Test Preparation
  • Supplies (Needles, tubes, bio-hazard waste, etc.)

Yes. Additional fees would include:

  • National Certification Exam fee $117
    (Paid about 3 weeks before the end of the Didactic Training)
  • California State CPT1 license fee $100
    (Paid upon completion of the entire course)
  • Scrub Uniforms Approx. $15 - $30 per set: top and bottom.
All class supplies are included as part of the program and will be distributed the first day of class.

Misc. Information

  • Be in full Scrub Uniform and closed toe shoes.
  • Bring a picture ID or Driver's License.
  • Bring a copy of your High School diploma OR a copy of your high school or equivalency transcripts.
  • Basic School Supplies.


Externship is a MANDATORY part of the course. It is practicing what you learned in class on real patients in a real medical setting or Laboratory. We will place all students in an externship site. You will need to complete a minimum of 40 hours, 50 Venipunctures and 10 Skin Punctures. Externship hours will vary in schedule, but all externships will be scheduled sometime between the hours of 6am – 6pm Monday through Friday. Externship will be for approximately 1 week or 5 consecutive days. You must be available for 1 full week between those hours – and you cannot miss a day of externship for any reason.


Unfortunately no. Externships will be scheduled Monday through Friday for 5 consecutive days between the hours of 6am – 6pm. They will be 8-hour shifts from approximately 9am – 6pm, 630am – 230pm or 8am – 5pm. Our clinical sites require students to do full days beginning in the morning, because that's when the majority of blood tests are, in the mornings when patients are fasting.