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Sound Bites - Index - 2015 - 2016

Community Education's Premiere Online Magazine

Index of Past Issues


Issue #36

August 2016

On the Cover: 3D Printing - Ushering in a Brave New World
Issue #35

July 2016

On the Cover: Carmelo Fiannaca. Life, Piece by Piece
Issue #34

June 2016

On the Cover: Gian-Martin Joller & the Art of Jewelry Design
Issue #33

May 2016

On the Cover: Despite Loss, Cecilia Dighero Finds Comfort in Teaching
Issue #32

April 2016

On the Cover: Simply Magnifico - Paola Barcaccia
Issue #31

March 2016

On the Cover: SMC Extension Wins Statewide Award!
Issue #30

February 2016

On the Cover: State-Funded Job Training Opportunities
Issue #29

January 2016

On the Cover:  VP Georgia Lorenz's Commitment to Life-long Learning
Issue #28

December 2015

On the Cover:  The Unexpected Power of Photoshop
Issue #27

November 2015

On the Cover:  Nicola McGee – The Butterfly Effect?
Issue #26

October 2015

On the Cover:  Doug Dee on Iyengar Yoga and Its Benefits
Issue #25

September 2015 

On the Cover:  Patricia Ramos - Community Ed “Critical” to SMC’s
Commitment to Lifelong Learning