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Sound Bites - Index - 2017 - 2018

Community Education's Premiere Online Magazine

Index of Past Issues

Issue #60 August 2018 On the Cover: Donyea Adams Expands Property Management Offering
Issue #59 July 2018 On the Cover: Barry Brennen Pilots Drones into Community Ed
Issue #58 June 2018 On the Cover: Ford Lowcock Brings Unique Expertise to Community Ed
Issue #57 May 2018 On the Cover: Lisa Saperston, TOEFL Instructor, Passes the Test!
Issue #56 April 2018 On the Cover: John Lynch, CPR - Heart & Soul Certified
Issue #55 March 2018 On the Cover: Harriette McCauley - Francophile Extraordinaire
Issue #54 February 2018 On the Cover: Planning for the Golden Years
Issue #53 January 2018 On the Cover: The Delicious Secrets of Sushi Girl
Issue #52 December 2017 On the Cover: Tony Tran - The Brush Strokes of One Man's Journey
Issue #51 November 2017 On the Cover: Cynthia Molnar & The Magic of Ballet
Issue #50 October 2017 On the Cover: (Neuroscience) n (Art) = { Todd Carpenter }
Issue #49 September 2017 On the Cover: In a World of Stress, the Healing Power of Reiki