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Sound Bites - August 2014


This Month's Topics:


Michelle King, Director Community and Contract Ed Michelle King, Director
Career & Contract Ed.

Enhance Your Career, Enrich Your Life

We’re excited about the lineup of 150 classes for fall, including some new Professional Development courses and leisure classes that will enhance your career and enrich your life. The fall session begins Tuesday, Sept. 2.

As always, we provide a rich selection of courses in many disciplines – from the arts and writing to fitness to professional training – but we are working with a keener eye to design new courses that meet our community’s needs.

For example, we are offering for the first time Property Management and The Business of Photography, both of which can launch you on new careers or give you an edge in your current business or freelance pursuits.

Fall Catalog cover

Of course, we also have a diverse selection of non-career-related classes that can improve your health, cultivate your artistic talents, make your life more fun and open up personal development opportunities. For example, our new “Candy’s Bridge Club” is being offered for the first time because of the dearth of local opportunities to play the popular card game.

And aside from certificate programs, classes and workshops, we offer tours – not to mention online classes, all at reasonable prices. And don’t forget, we have free and plentiful parking.

One final note: Not all our classes made it into the printed Fall Schedule, so be sure to check out our website,

To register, you can call (310) 434-3400 or email

Thank you.

Michelle King
Director of Career & Contract Education



Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator, Community and Contract Ed Alice Meyering,
Program Coordinator
Community & Contract Education

What's New: Our SMC MindSpace Blog

After months of working and planning, I’m happy to announce the launch of our very own Community Education blog, MindSpace. This blog is our latest enterprise to complement our promotional efforts in social media, and it also provides an additional platform for our students and instructors to share class experiences as well as achievements. 

Readers may remember that we created a visual exhibition of our student works at Bundy earlier this year, which received a great deal of positive feedback from the community. The success of our student exhibition prompted me to look into creating another platform to showcase other student bodies of work, such as those produced in our very robust writing program. 

MindSpace is modeled on the multi-author blogs (MABs), where many contributors participate in the content creation of the blog. At this early stage, the nature of this blog is fluid, and what I would like to see is where our Community Education members will take it. As individuals continue to nurture and contribute to it, its personality will emerge, and I can’t wait to see what this blog will grow up to be. 

If you are reading this, MindSpace is for you, and we would like to hear from you. Our submission guideline is very simple: participants need to be part of the Community Education program, and all anecdotes or written works should have originated in, or be associated with, Community Education classes, with a limit of 500 words, give or take. This is a space committed to a meeting of minds through sharing, and by sharing we hope to form a strong sense of community that all can rely on for joy, support, and aspiration.

To me, this blog is like a newborn babe, fresh and bright-eyed, full of possibilities, and only sky is the limit – but it takes a village. Let’s use this space to share the work you are proud of, little exchanges that warmed your heart in class, or funny happenstances on campus in general. 

Whatever it is, your piece, along with so many others, will form a picture of what Community Education is all about, and you might just be surprised how delighted you’ll be by that picture. I look forward to your input and encourage you to visit today and be part of it – all you have to do is email your submission* to and include "SMC MindSpace submission" in the subject line. 

   *We reserve the right to edit all submitted content before posting.


First Look: Upcoming Art Exhibit!

art dispaly

Community Ed is excited to unveil a “First Look” at its newest student art exhibit, featuring beautiful works of printmaking, glass sculpture and photography. The exhibit will officially open Tuesday, Sept. 2, the first day of the fall semester classes.

Last spring, Community Ed turned a dark, dust-filled display case in the lobby of the Bundy Building into a light-filled mini-gallery that showcases beautiful works created by art students.

“The feedback from students, instructors and others who pass through the lobby has been wonderful,” says Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator of Community & Contract Education. “I’m happy that we will soon open our fall exhibit, and others will follow, at least once a semester.”

The printmaking portion of the exhibit not only displays prints but also shows the method of taking woodblock to silk screening and some of the tools that are used for the art form. (The next Printmaking class will be offered by Charlotte Chen in the Winter Session.)

John Anderson Fishing

All the photos are by the very talented student Andy House, a semi-retired TV industry executive who has supervised dozens of TV projects ranging from “Mad About You” to “Breaking Bad.” A world traveler, he has captured images that include stunning shots taken in such countries as Myanmar.

“And as always, we continue to be dazzled by the beautifully luminous glass works that our students create,” Meyering says.

Meyering said she is particularly grateful to photography
instructor Ed Mangus for his painstaking work to help hang the
show in the display case.

To register, call (310) 434-3400 or go to You can also email