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Sound Bites - Issue #9 / May 2014


This Month's Topics:


Michelle King, Director Community and Contract Ed Michelle King, Director
Career & Contract Ed.

New Online Session Begins May 21!

If you’re a working professional looking to enhance your resume with valuable new skills or skills that will pave the way to a new career, our robust offering of online classes is perfect for you.

The variety of courses – and professional certificates – we offer on the Internet is truly impressive. From AutoCAD to veterinary assistant, from social media marketing to personal fitness trainer, and from global business professional to HVAC technician, we have it all.

And the really great thing is classes are ongoing and you can learn at your own pace – on your own schedule. Believe me, as a busy professional with a family to care for, I know how valuable flexibility is.

May 21 is the start of our new session for our popular ed2go online classes, so check out our rich selection of online offerings now.  (Our online marketing courses are listed under Professional Development: Career Enhancement.)

If you have any questions concerning our online classes, or for that matter our on-ground classes, contact us; call (310) 434-3400 or email

Let us open the doors for you to new careers, professional adventures and skills!

Michelle King
Director of Career & Contract Education



Alice Meyering, Program Coordinator, Community and Contract Ed Alice Meyering,
Program Coordinator
Community & Contract Education

What's New:  Helping Underprivileged Youth Succeed

One of the great rewards about being at Community Ed is the wide-open
opportunity to help our community – sometimes in unexpected ways.

Our new collaboration with Determined to Succeed (DTS), an outstanding nonprofit educational organization in Santa Monica co-founded by actor Hank Azaria, is giving us such an opportunity – in this case, to help low-income, at-risk, motivated students embark on successful academic careers.

Hank Azaria
The display case in the lobby
of the Bundy Building.

Beginning in middle school, continuing through 12th grade and into college, DTS provides the year-round academic and enrichment resources students need to succeed in middle and high school, so that they may successfully apply, enroll and graduate from college. Its goal is nothing short of 100% college enrollment and graduation.

As often happens in life, this relationship with DTS came about serendipitously. Abby Adams, the organization’s dedicated executive director,

read an article in the Santa Monica Daily Press that we are offering printmaking summer camps this year to youth of various ages. She immediately signed up 15 of her 100 students, all from Palms Middle School, for the camp designed for teens 13 and older.

How We Help 

DTS sponsors a wide range of activities for its students – including tutoring, essay writing workshops, college test prep and counseling, field trips, internships and more.

“We also look for a broad array of academic and enrichment activities for the summer,” Abby says, noting that some students participate in camps and activities from UCLA to Barnard College in New York.

Last week I met with Abby and we talked about some new programs we can create tailored to her students’ needs, including computer coding and digital design classes.

Palms Middle SchoolPalms Middle School.

I’m very excited about collaborating with DTS. It’s the kind of partnership we are seeking to better assess the needs of our community so we can serve everyone better. And we’re flexible, so we can tailor activities based on students’ needs.

This is what I hope will be the first of many such collaborations with our local Santa Monica organizations.

As Abby said, and I couldn’t agree more heartily, “I’m a huge proponent of working together to make up for deficits and bridge the gap.”



“Breaking Bad” TV Exec Hones Photography Passion

Union Station, Downtown LATaking advantage of Community Ed's On the Street with Your Camera class, LA Union Station is Andy's favorite subject

“Sunrise, Sunset” could be the new theme song for Andy House.

The semi-retired TV industry executive – who has supervised dozens of TV projects ranging from “Mad About You” to “Breaking Bad” – now does his most productive work at dawn and dusk. That’s when the light is beautiful and is thus the optimal time for pursuing his passion – photography – which he has cultivated for years through SMC Community Education.

“SMC Community Education is far and away the best deal in town, and the faculty is great,” said House, who has studied since 2010 mostly under instructor Ed Mangus but with other SMC teachers as well. He has taken Mangus’ On the Street with Your Camera four times, and has also taken Studio Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Flash Photography, and Beyond Basic Photography. (See Andy House’s stunning images on his Flickr photo blog.)

Myanmar FishermanMyanmar Fisherman - Winner of the President's Award for Travel Photos in SMC's 2014 Annual Photo Exhibit
[Click for Hi-Rez Image]

“My photography has evolved hugely, primarily with a better understanding of light,” said House, who is also an adjunct faculty member at the American Film Institute. “Ed is an incredibly inspirational guy, he teaches with so much positive energy. In fact, I try to emulate him in my teaching at AFI.”

“I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about photography, it lives in his veins,” says instructor Mangus. “He’s worked so hard to perfect his craft and art that I wouldn’t be surprised if some day he shoots for Getty Images.”

House’s work was included in the 35th Annual SMC Juried Student Photo Exhibit, which recently closed, at SMC’s Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery and Drescher Hall Photo Gallery.

Before joining AFI, House was Head of Production for Gaumont International Television where he set up and supervised the production of two television series, “Hemlock Grove” for Netflix and “Hannibal” for NBC.

Prior to joining Gaumont, he served as Senior Vice President of Production for Sony Pictures Television. During his 18-year tenure at Sony he supervised more than 25 television series, 50 pilots and 30 TV movies. He supervised productions in more than a dozen U.S. cities, as well as locations in Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Austria, Australia, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Russia.

Before becoming a studio executive he worked as an assistant director and a production manager for nearly every major studio in Hollywood. He was an assistant director on “The A-Team” television series and the 2nd unit of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Downtown LAPeople & Places
House likes capturing the nuances of Downtown LA.

House’s love for photography dates back to his undergraduate days at USC when he squeezed in photography classes while earning a degree in Business & Advertising. But he did not have much time to pursue it until he retired from Sony in 2009.

“When I took Beyond Basic Photography with Ed Mangus, he was impressed with the worldwide locations of my photos but was underwhelmed by the quality of the images,” House said. “He told me I was okay at shooting landscapes, but had to learn how to shoot people. And that’s when the serious work began.

“These digital cameras are so complex you have to practice constantly – shoot, shoot, shoot – in order to build and maintain your competency,” he added. “That’s why I continue to take On the Street with Your Camera. I will often go back on my own (to locations visited by the class) at sunrise and sunset, sometimes three or four times, before I am happy with the images I am getting. After each outing I evaluate my work and learn something that improves my results on the next trip.”

Among his favorite subjects are the people and landscapes he captures during his many travels, usually taken with his wife of 44 years, Sharon (they have three adult children). Most recently his work has included beautiful images taken in Bhutan, Myanmar and New Zealand. (He jokes that though his wife loves to travel with him, she often times gets annoyed with him as he traipses off in search of the perfect picture.)

Sunrise, Santa Monica PierSanta Monica Pier - Shot at Sunrise; and at one of House's favorite locales

Closer to home, he has recently been photographing the UCLA women’s rowing team, which practices early mornings on Ballona.

Creek next to Marina del Rey. His favorite locations are around the water, including Santa Monica Pier and San Pedro Harbor, as well as downtown L.A., particularly Union Station and the Grand Central Market.

In his West L.A. home, he has created a kind of revolving exhibit in his office where he covered a wall in cork to pin up 20-plus images that continues to change as he shoots new material.

“For me, photography is something I love doing,” he says. “I love being out there and making images that excite me. What I like best about photography is the satisfaction I get looking at my best photos.

To register, call (310) 434-3400 or go to You can also email